Since the start of Twisted Root Market, our mission statement has been: Community.Sustainability.Health. While we've made good on that promise consistently, I realize now more than ever it's important to expand on our commitments, and let our extended community know how they can help keep our mission alive.

Over the two years we've been in business, we've worked with the community to supply paper goods and drinks for local sports games, donated products to raffles that benefit community members, and worked with some really great people to provide free produce to those that need it most.

This year when COVID-19 hit, I will admit I was a little panicked about how to keep this going as our supply chain took a severe hit. Through some very generous donations by community members, Twisted Root Market was lucky enough to be able to continue our mission statement in the most uncertain moments by donating food to Zac's Cafe and JW's for the student lunch program, worked with the school district to provide food boxes to families impacted by layoffs and school closures, and donated snack boxes to the hospital for our front line workers. As the impacts from COVID-19 continued to be felt by more families and community members, Twisted Root Market knew we had to also work on our sustainability of these programs, and applied for Wrangell City's Food Assistance Grant.

Through the Food Assistance Grant, Twisted Root Market will be able to not only continue to provide our community outreach, but expand our reach as well. So far, we've donated to the Wrangell Subsistence Giving Project to support their mission of providing local traditional foods to elders, and are continuing our work with the school district to reach families that need assistance.

Last week, Wrangell was devastated by the loss of two young souls in our community. Twisted Root Market's family knew we had to do something to help, and worked with the family to create an account where people could donate money towards fruits, vegetables, and other items the family might need in these difficult times. If you'd like to help out, donations can be made through calling the shop at (907) 874-2600 and mentioning the Decker Family Account, or in person. Twisted Root Market will be offering 20% matching on all funds put on the account as well to help it go further.

We're always looking for new and creative ways to keep our mission statement going. If you'd like to donate to our efforts to create Food Security in Wrangell, or have ideas about how we can reach more community members in need, please reach out!



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