Missing Home

Welcome to our first blog post! Here is where we will share recipes, happenings in the world of TRM, local harvesting reports, and much more!

Tom and I are currently in Moose Pass, Alaska, and I'm missing Wrangell like crazy! This is normally the time of the year when I start my garden, begin the summer harvest of wild foods, and enjoy all the wildflowers on our property.

Being in the Kenai has definitely made me miss the slower pace of home. While it's absolutely gorgeous here, I mean look at our backyard, it's bittersweet.

While I've thoroughly enjoyed learning about different plants and growing seasons up here, it's definitely making my day dreams of the garden and summer much more intense! We're planning on being here a tad bit longer however, so I'm sure I'll be loading on local delicacies before our trek home.

In Wrangell, I've heard reports of fiddlehead ferns and early morel mushrooms. While I can't say I've done much with fresh morels, I got an excellent recipe from Mad Hesler for Fiddlehead Fern Pesto. Be sure it give it a try on our new Ekezial 4:9 sprouted pasta. I love it paired with some leftover Southeast Dough Company bread I've hoarded in my freezer.

I've been working on some exciting things for the store front, including our re-opening plan. We're planning on re-opening to the public on Tuesday, May 5th, and have a few things we'd like everyone to keep in mind. More information on that can be found in the blog post: TRM Re-Opening Plan. Be sure to check it out before heading into the shop!

How are things going in your garden? Any tips or things you'd like to share? Be sure to comment below!



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